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Your home is only as secure as your lock, and your lock is only as secure as the people who have a key. If you didn’t rekey the locks when you first moved into your house, you don’t know who might have the ability to just walk in. Pop-A-Lock Tampa is a local leader in rekeying locks quickly and affordably. We know that rekeying can sometimes mean the difference between sleeping well and lying awake worrying, so we’re available 24/7 to rekey your house.

When should I rekey my locks?
Whenever you’re not sure who has a key, or you need to keep unwanted people out. For homeowners, this could include former owners, tenants, and exes. For businesses, it could be former employees. Rekeying the locks is a quick precaution that ensures that only you and the people you give a key to can enter.

How is rekeying locks different from changing locks?
People often ask to change locks when all they really need is to rekey locks. The two processes are very different. To change locks, Pop-A-Lock Tampa needs to remove and replace all the old hardware. If you want to switch to a more sophisticated lock such as a bump-proof or high security lock, or if you have a broken lock that can’t be fixed, you will need to change locks. However, to rekey a lock, we simply change the pattern of the pins inside so that an old key will no longer open it. Rekeying locks is simpler, faster, and more affordable than changing locks. If you’re happy with your current lock hardware, we recommend a rekey.

Can you rekey a new lock to an old key?
Yes, as long as the systems are compatible. If we can’t fix a lock, we can still replace it with one that will take your old key. However, if you upgrade your hardware to a different brand or type of lock, we may not be able to rekey it to your old key.

Do you fix locks?
Yes, where we can. Pop-A-Lock Tampa is committed to providing you with the most cost-effective solution and can fix some types of broken locks. Others will need to be changed.

Whether you decide to rekey or change locks, Pop-A-Lock Tampa is here to provide prompt, reliable service and peace of mind at an affordable price. We are the residential locksmith experts in Tampa.  Don’t spend another day wondering who might have your key. Call us at (813) 365-9383 for a free quote today!

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