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When security is of the utmost importance, a high security lock can bring you peace of mind like nothing else. Specially designed bump, pick, and drill resistant locks and deadbolts offer top protection against Tampa’s bad guys (and girls). And because a lock is only as secure as its key, true high security locks come with proprietary keys that can only be purchased through the manufacturer or by special order. This is one key your hardware store won’t be able to duplicate.

You may already know some of the top brands in high security locks: KeyMark, Assa, Medeco, and Schlage locks. They make a wide range of deadbolts, padlocks, rim locks, and door knob locks. But how can you tell which one is best suited for your needs? That’s where Pop-A-Lock Tampa comes in. With over 15 years of experience, we specialize in high security lock installation and can recommend the right lock for your situation, budget, and needs.We offer a great selection of locks, including Schlage locks and all the major brands.

Don’t fall for any old lock that’s labeled ‘high security.’ As commercial locksmiths, we’ve been around long enough to distinguish between the locks that are all but impossible to pick, and those that don’t live up to their claims. Pop-A-Lock of Tampa can install locks that provide the highest level of protection against unauthorized access. Learn more about high security lock installation by calling us today at (813) 365-9383.

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