Keyless Entry Remote for Cars



As many car owners have discovered since keyless remotes became standard, having a remote key fob does not make it any harder to lock yourself out of the car — or lose both key and key fob at the same time. (The fact that the keyless remote is usually attached to the physical key probably doesn’t help.) However, it does make getting a replacement more of a hassle than walking down to your nearest hardware store. But not much. As a leading Tampa locksmith, Pop-A-Lock can solve all your keyless entry issues quickly and expertly.

You might think that a locksmith wouldn’t deal with the radio frequency technology that powers keyless entry remotes. And for some locksmiths, you’d be right. But Pop-A-Lock Tampa has always had the attitude that if it’s a key, it’s our business. As cars move away from traditional locks, we’ve invested in the new equipment and training necessary to be your one stop automotive locksmith. Our certified locksmiths are fully equipped to replace, repair, and program remote keys at far less than the dealership charges.

Whether you are looking to duplicate a keyless remote (it never hurts to have a spare) or need a replacement for a lost or broken one, Pop-A-Lock Tampa can provide you with the keyless entry services you need, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us at (813) 365-9383 for a free quote today!

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