Bump Proof Locks


A bump key is a crook’s best friend. Put it in a lock, apply just the right type of force, and the lock will open. Locksmiths sometimes use this technique to open locks, but it’s easy to see how a bump key in the hands of the wrong person could seriously compromise your home, car, garage, or business. Even high quality locks can be bumped by burglars and other unscrupulous people. And there’s more bad news: anyone can buy a bump key from the internet or modify a blank from the hardware store. Unless you’ve specifically installed bump proof locks, you may be vulnerable.

In a city like Tampa, taking precautions is a smart move. Fortunately, you now have a wide variety of bump proof locks to choose from. After bump keys hit the mainstream media a few years ago, all the major lock makers stepped it up with new lines of bump key proof locks. With 15 years of experience as a leading Tampa residential locksmith, Pop-A-Lock can evaluate your current locks for vulnerability, recommend bump proof locks that will fit your needs and budget, and take care of the lock install quickly and professionally. We’ve already installed thousands of bump proof locks in Tampa.

Pop-A-Lock is committed to offering value and honesty, so if there’s a more affordable alternative to a full lock install, such as rekeying locks with special pins to deter bump keys, we will always offer it as an option. Your security is in good hands with Pop-A-Lock Tampa. Give us a call at (813) 365-9383 for a free quote today.


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