Automatic Door Closers

Door closers for aluminum stile doors serve the same function as they do for wood and hollow metal doors. They are a security, environmental and life safety tool that today’s modern buildings and facilities cannot safely, securely and cost-effectively operate without.

That statement applies to automatic door closers; which in reality are powered door operators. Also, in the strictest sense all door closers are “automatic” in that once the door is released, door closers close the doors without any human aid. In the case of door operators, they also open the door on demand by either an electronic credential or an ADA switch and at the end of their cycle; close the door in much the same manner as any hydraulic door closer would.

From the basic function of closing a door once it is opened and released; to Life Safety issues, door closers play a major role in a building’s overall environment if for no other reason than they close fire rated doors to help retard the spread of fire.

In fact, without door closers, powered door operators and wire free powered door closers/operators, today’s bright, clean and cool shopping malls, office buildings, hospitals and schools might be just the exact opposite.

Whether center-hung, concealed overhead closers or floor checks, offset floor closers or surface mounted closers; door closers are universal, multi-functional and indispensable units of architectural hardware that we cannot do without.

This link will give you information on the very latest, self-powered (no hardwiring) door operator: The ADA-EZ. You see, electronic technology is working its way in to all facets of our lives and the security industry.

Considering the variety, complexity and functions of door closers, in general, it makes sense for you to call POP A LOCK of Jacksonville to help you decide between an automatic door closer (closer/operator), a conventional door closer and explore door closer installation options for all residential and commercial door closer needs.

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